Spell Breaker (Surge of Magic Book 1)

Written by D.N. Leo

Love brings them together. Magic tears them apart.

The last thing Orla wants is her childhood sweetheart’s marriage proposal.

She ran away from home, leaving behind dark magic, her family and a spell cast on her lover.

When Lorcan finds her, she accepts his return without being able to tell him about the sorcery that shadows their relationship. They love each other and there is no reason to live apart.

She’s a high-end antique thief. He’s an in-demand hacker. They share a happy life and great companionship. She accepts that life. But Lorcan wants more. He wants a marriage.

Once his proposal triggers the ancient spell, dark magic will find them. They can’t live without each other. But to be together, one of them will die . Their love story might sound like Romeo and Juliet’s, but they are not accepting any fate, and certainly not the tragic ending.

Surge of Magic is a romantic urban fantasy volume in the Elements Series. Although there are a lot of action, twists and turns, a happy ending is guaranteed . If you love suspenseful supernatural thriller with romance, dark magic, supernatural characters from multiverse, grab the series and enjoy the journey.

Individual books in Surge of Magic volume
Spell Breaker
Fate Shifter
Cursed Stone
Magic Unborn

Complete volumes in the Multiverse Collection

Curse of Soulmate (Characters: Ciaran and Madeline)
Kiss of Mayhem (Characters: Ciaran and Madeline)
Shadow of Angel (Characters: Dinah and Arik, Ciaran and Madeline)
Surge of Magic (Characters: Lorcan and Orla; Roy, Mori and Ciaran)
Soul of Ashes (Characters: Lyla and Michael)
Mage of Bloodstone (Characters: Alyna and Caedmon)
Ghost of the Between World (Characters: Mya, Zach, Ciaran)

The Multiverse Collection contains several related volumes and series that are suitable for readers in multiple genres including Romantic urban fantasy
Romance science fiction
Paranormal romance
Supernatural suspense mystery
Action adventure

The stories contain supernatural elements and characters including psychic ability, mind control, dimension, time travel, magic, shape-shifters, were-creatures, witches and wizards, mage, angel, demon, warriors, alien, private investigators. The stories are set in fantasy universes and as well as real locations on Earth from England, The US and Australia.

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