Speed Reading: How to Increase your Reading Speed, Learning Abilities and Comprehension

Written by Logan G Davidson
Category: · Business & Money

Speed Reading: How to Increase Your Reading Speed, Learning Abilities, and Comprehension is your ticket to better reading. By reading this book, you will learn what speed reading is, how to break bad reading habits, techniques on how to successfully speed read, tips on reading effectively, and maintaining good reading comprehension.

The reasons to learn how to speed read are numerous and include:
· Better reading comprehension
· Better long-term memory of what you read
· Get better grades and prepare for tests and projects more effectively.
· Better focus
· Get organized.
· Learn valuable study skills.
· Increased productivity in less time
· Aid in a new career or getting that promotion
· Get back your personal time
· Reduce frustration and learn to love reading

This book will help you in all those ways by showing you how to build a speed-reading toolkit and showing you how and when to use each tool for the most effective speed reading results. If you follow the directions, you should see results in a few days of practice and be well on your way to becoming a master speed reader in just a few months.

You might even be surprised by the ways speed reading will affect your life for the better. Reading quicker will mean less time reading subtitles, labels, phone books, and more. You will be able to organize and find items in notes easier, and you will research more effectively as well. There are no limits to the benefits of speed reading.


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