Sous Vide: 50 French Recipes Done Sous Vide Style

Written by James Abraham

In the fourth of this five-book series, we will explore French recipes cooked sous vide, French meal preparation terminology, and tackle frequently missed highlights in French food etiquette.

Within these pages, you will:
•Discover 50 recipes for some of your most favorite French recipes, all done sous vide style!
•Learn the best ways to cook sous vide to ensure maximum flavor and health benefits—both very important attributes to any French cuisine!
•Learn French cooking terminology to help you understand French recipes better and also impress your friends.
•Be introduced to French table settings and etiquette, both of which are very important qualities to uphold when honoring France with your menu.
•Learn the French cultural aspects that played a part in the inception of sous vide cooking and how the cooking method is still honored in France (and across the globe) today!

If you’re interested in learning how to prepare your favorite French recipes to be finished to impress guests at a moment’s notice, how to properly cook a delicious crepe without burning it, or just how to understand a few commonly used French terminologies, this is the book for you!

With 50 hand-selected recipes, over a dozen colorful photographs, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions, you’ll be mastering French culinary masterpieces in no time flat and loving every minute of it! We look forward to helping you improve your budget, your health, and your time management skills all by showing you a fun new way to make these culturally inspired meals. This book has the potential to change your life!

It is our hope that you have enjoyed the full series on Sous Vide cooking. If you are reading out of order, be sure to look at volumes I-III, where we cover introductory recipes, fast cooking techniques, and vegetarian cooking. Be sure to join us one final time for Sous Vide V, where we will discuss low-heat or no-heat cooking methods and how to use everything you’ve learned to build a perfect meal plan!


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