SOUP: 25 Recipes – Chinese,Moroccan, Italian,Thai, French, Jamaican & More (Amazing Recipes- Soups to die for Book 1)

Written by Teresa Mary Carr

“SOUP” 25 Ultimate recipes to leave you mesmerized

“Soup”, I find it a great mystery why people only lean towards this fantastic wholesome avenue of nutrition only while they are looking to lose weight.
Soup is not only a passion of mine it is also one of my three main meals every single day. The varieties, textures, tastes are just mind blowing once you discover some of my all-time favourite soups.
I am guessing most of the people that have bought this book are just interested in the recipes and good on you for being so direct! As for those of you who want a little more insight into the history and origin of this delicacy, I shall open the history books for you and show you where what are about to cook is derived from.


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