Sonata for a Scoundrel (Music of the Heart Book 1)

Written by Anthea Lawson

~USA Today bestselling, RITA-nominated romance~ 

Clara Becker has a secret…
To keep her family from dire poverty, she uses her musical gift to write pieces that must be sold under her brother’s name. If their ruse is discovered, ruin will quickly follow, as everyone knows that women have neither the talent nor the strength of character to be serious composers.
Darien Reynard is the ultimate threat…
Challenged to a musical duel by his bitter rival, Darien finds the perfect music to bring him victory, written by a little-known composer in London named Becker. When Darien pays handsomely for all new compositions, it seems fortune is smiling on the Becker siblings at last. But their salvation comes with a price. Forced into close proximity, Clara strives to keep her distance from the charismatic and domineering Darien, but each passing day finds it harder to protect her secret–and her heart.
Set against the glittering backdrop of 19th century celebrity (imagine American Idol in the 1830s!) Sonata for a Scoundrel is the first in the Music of the Heart novels from award-winning author Anthea Lawson.


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