Solving Sustenance: a novel

Written by Danny Adelman
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When NASA scientists Phil Burt and Randi Li are tasked with finding a way to feed astronauts on a multiyear mission to Mars, it sounds like an impossible task.

But the equally tenacious and intelligent duo succeed, and they quickly realize they are now holding the technology that can end world hunger as we know it.

But government shutdowns are looming, and soon NASA’s doors are slammed closed. Phil and Randi are told to shelve the innovation that could end so much suffering and pain.

In this fast-paced page-turner, Phil and Randi decide their invention is too important to bury—no matter the consequences. They will wage war against the entire government and take on pervasive corporate greed to ensure their work gets to those who need it most.

But with the huge financial and political stakes of such world-changing technology, nothing is as it seems. Nobody’s true motivations are clear, and Phil and Randi don’t know who can be trusted.

Can they navigate this maze of bureaucracy, power, and money, or are the world’s hungry doomed to keep suffering?


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