Solar Weapon (A Science Fiction Mystery/Thriller)

Written by D F Capps
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It could all end tomorrow.
Or any day after.

There is an elite group that controls the destiny of our world.
They are not accountable to anyone.

They have a massive satellite circling the sun.
It’s capable of killing the surface of the Earth while they are safely underground.
They plan to restart civilization under their full control.
The only two options they offer are: the world will surrender to their power, or the vast majority of us will die.

A talented team of federal agents has discovered a link to the secretive group. Can the team uncover the truth and stop them in time?

Solar Weapon is a hard science fiction technothriller featuring advanced technology, the military, and a conspiracy so vast it threatens all life on Earth. Born out of the Nazi SS of World War II, a breakaway civilization with futuristic science, uses the sun as a weapon of mass destruction. They initiate a level of planetary terrorism on an unsuspecting world that is worthy of the apocalypse . In a story of international mystery and crime on an unimaginable scale, Jake and his team struggle to comprehend and stop a disaster of epic proportions.

It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss.


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