Snowbound with the Biker (Holiday Encounters Book 2)

Written by Amy Lamont

No more Miss Nice Girl…

Katelyn Murphy has always done exactly what’s expected of her and put everyone else’s needs before her own. But what did that get her? A family that’s falling apart, a boss who takes credit for her work, and no love life to speak of.

So when her friends make a bet to see who can have the wildest adventure, she decides it’s the perfect excuse to break out of her shell. And she knows exactly who can help bring out her naughty side.

Hunter Lawson was the bad boy next door–her brother’s best friend, the boy she crushed on through her teen years, the guy her mother warned her about. Always the good girl, she never did more than stare a little too long when she saw him riding off on his motorcycle. But a lot can change when a good girl gets snowed in with a biker.

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