Smoke and Meat: Complete Smoker Cookbook for Real Pitmasters, The Ultimate Guide for Smoking Meat, Fish, and Vegetables

Written by Daniel Murray

                       SMOKE and MEAT

Through history, smoking been a preferred way of preserving food, but it so much more than just a way to keep food from going bad! Smoking also introduces complex and delicious flavors into dishes that are otherwise often bland or uninteresting. In modern cooking, it’s a great way to mix up staples in your home cooking, and it can be a really fantastic way to wow people at a potluck, or to host an incredible dinner party. Smoking is not only inventive and delicious, it also makes it really easy to make large quantities of food at the same time without too much fuss.  

Traditionally, smoking is done by burning wood chips in a small enclosed area with the food, allowing the food to be cooked very slowly, while absorbing the rich smoky flavor. Today, smoking is often associated with sports tail gaiting parties and small family get-togethers.  This guide is designed to both embrace that culture, and also offer up some techniques and recipes that will let you take your smoking to the next level: full blown gourmet food full of layered and nuanced deliciousness.

Find the most unique smoked food recipes of: 

  • Beef!

  • Poultry!

  • Pork!

  • Lamb!

  • Fish!

  • Vegetables!


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