Skip: An Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure Series (Book 1)

Written by Perrin Briar
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks?

The clock tower is the center of the town of Time. It counts down the hours, minutes and seconds of every passing day. But unbeknownst to the local inhabitants, it is at the center of a great deal more than that. It is the center of the universe and controls time itself. But it is old and beginning to break, sending the world’s inhabitants skipping forward and back through time.

Seventeen-year-old Jera Wythnos, betrothed to marry a powerful lord, runs to escape her responsibilities and pursue her dream of traveling the world. Hot on her heels is her betrothed, moving heaven and earth to find her before the wedding day.

Elian Stump is an outlaw on the run from a bungled heist, but he carries with him a dangerous secret that threatens to either free or ensnare the world.

They confront sinister forces at every turn, hell bent on preventing them from achieving their goal, and taking control of the clock tower for themselves.

The universe has chosen this unlikely pair to collect all three replacement clock pieces scattered across the world before the clock tower, and time, breaks for good. On their journey they make friends and enemies, encounter strange and wonderful mythical creatures, and face their own internal demons.

What fans of science fiction and fantasy books are saying:

“One of the best fantasy books I’ve read. And I read a lot!”

“If you love dark fantasy, or urban fantasy, you’ll love this.”

“A rich fantasy world based around a cool time travel concept. Love it.”

From the author of epic adventure series Sink and Z-Minus comes this fantasy tale of adventure, romance, and mythical creatures.

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