Shipping Container Homes: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Living in a Shipping Container Home and Tiny House Living Including Ideas and Examples of Designs

Written by Matt Brown
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The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Container Homes

Out of all the possible building materials available for homes, the last thing you might expect to hear about is shipping containers – yes, the same steel, rectangular containers seen on trucks and ships going across the world to deliver goods.

While it might seem like a new trend, the truth is, shipping containers have been used for nearly two decades and have transformed into various multi-purpose living and working spaces. What are some of the reasons why the best-selling author Matt Brown among so many others advocate the use of this type of structure for a home? Well, open this book now to find out, and you will be amazed at all the opportunities!

Here are just some of the questions and topics that are covered within this book

  • Shipping Container Homes: Pros and Cons
  • What about Costs? New or Used?
  • Living in Tiny Spaces
  • Buying a Used Shipping Container
  • How to Inspect your Container Home
  • Permits and Building Codes
  • Finding an Experienced Contractor
  • Your Conversion Basics
  • Insuring your Tiny Space
  • Avoiding Mistakes
  • Ideas and Examples of Designs
  • And much more!

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