Shiny Object Mastery: The Formula for Overcoming Distractions and Increasing Productivity

Written by Michael Montague
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How do you define productivity? Is it having the focused clarity to follow your dreams? When can you simply use the latest business productivity tools such as a productivity planner or productivity apps, and when should you turn to expert business coaches for entrepreneurs to guide you when you are feeling overwhelmed?

Maybe you wear all the hats in your business including marketing and consulting. Maybe you have teams and are looking for education on how to improve your team’s productivity that will allow for better information management or a higher level of communications in management.

Whether you are a successful business owner, an entrepreneur who is just starting a business, are looking for business productivity tools or just wants to learn how to be more productive at work…I wrote Shiny Object Mastery with you in mind!

How would it feel to no longer get bogged down by all those distractions that seem to pop up in your business day after day?

— Discover the simple habits that will empower you to tune out the distractions and allow your productivity and profits to soar!
What if you had the focus to get more work done in less time? Would you be able to spend more of your precious time with your family and friends?

— Uncover the secrets that show you how to align your inner game and find your purpose, for the sustainable motivation you need to stay focused for success!

Imagine waking up each day with the confidence that comes from knowing the secret to high productivity excellence. How would that knowledge allow your business to grow? If you are spinning your wheels and feeling overwhelmed, I understand how you feel. I often felt the same way… until I discovered the formula for overcoming distractions and increasing productivity! I have now achieved the high productivity that allows me to live my life on my own terms, highly focused with the success in business that I knew I could reach. And the best part is that I am able to live my purpose helping people just like you achieve the same results.

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Michael Montague has been called “The King of High Productivity Excellence”. As a high productivity coach, author and speaker, Michael shows you how to align your inner game and achieve the sustainable motivation to take you to new heights of success and happiness in your personal and professional life. Michael understands the key to helping you transition from the Information Age into the Age of Purpose! You can learn more about his mission and how you can work with him by visiting his web site at


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