Shallow Graves (The Haunted Book 1)

Written by Patrick Logan

“…one hell of a terrifying ghost story makes this a ‘Nightmarish must-read’… Patrick Logan is proving to be one of the new masters of the horror genre.” – Amazon Reviewer

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Not all houses are made of brick and stone…

Robert Watts is having the worst day of his entire life: first he’s laid off, then he finds out that his wife is having an affair… with his boss no less. And that’s only the beginning.

Before the month is out, Robert finds himself alone to raise his daughter with no money, no job, and a house that is minutes from being repossessed. Just when he hits rock bottom, a strange visitor arrives at the doorstep of his soon to be foreclosed house with a letter from an Aunt he didn’t know existed.

The offer is simple: look after Aunt Ruth during her dying days, and in return Robert will be bequeathed the Harlop Estate in which she currently resides. It’s a no brainer and Robert jumps at the opportunity, equally motivated by the prospect of financial security as he is for a fresh start.

Problem is, it only takes a few nights in the Harlop Estate before he begins to question Aunt Ruth’s claims that they are the home’s only inhabitants…

It’s the scratching he hears during the night, the voices that he can barely make out over the constant rain, and then there’s the girl with the rat…

With their house foreclosed and their bank accounts liquidated, Robert and his daughter Amy desperately need a place to live. But the question Robert soon finds himself struggling with is whether living in the Harlop Estate is worth it… and if he can survive until Aunt Ruth passes to collect his inheritance.

Shallow Graves is the first book in the Haunted Series, chilling, gruesome, and truly haunting tales with a twist that you will never see coming. Grab your copy of Shallow Graves from the Amazon best-selling author of the Insatiable Series and the Family Values Trilogy TODAY!

WARNING: As mentioned in some of the reviews, this book contains foul language… make sure an adult is present while reading.

*Revised and re-edited edition January 2017*


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