Shadow Summoner (Choronzon Chronicles Book 1)

Written by Tess Adair

A dark magic murder. A high school full of suspects. Can a paranormal detective catch the killer before school is out of session forever?

Half-demon H.C. Logan is used to living on the fringes of society. Determined to rise above her dark origins, she works as a paranormal detective hunting down the monsters whose blood courses through her own veins. When the arcane key embedded in her skin sends her a gruesome vision of a teen’s murder, she follows the twisted magic to the victim’s sleepy Montana hometown.

Undercover at the local high school, H.C. picks her way through a web of jealousies in search of any student with motive enough to summon a demon and unleash it on the popular girl. When she befriends a bullied outcast, the demon’s next violent attack becomes personal. As the monster grows stronger, H.C. must unmask the teen who summoned it before the demon breaks its chains and soaks the town in blood.

Shadow Summoner is the first book in the fiendish Choronzon Chronicles urban fantasy series. If you like edgy detectives, demonic encounters, and hair-raising suspense, then you’ll love Tess Adair’s paranormal adventure.

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