Seventh Dimension – The City: A Young Adult Fantasy (Seventh Dimension Series Book 4)

Written by Lorilyn Roberts

2016 Literary Classics Silver Medal Winner for YA Faith-Based Fiction.
2016 Shelf Unbound Notable 100 Award Winner
2017 International Book Awards Finalist
2017 Florida Authors and Publishers Association Bronze Award Medalist
2017 Global ebooks Silver Award Winner
2017 Book Excellence Award Winner for Cover Design

“Seventh Dimension – The City” pits occultism against Christianity in an epic battle between good and evil. Where time is an illusion and world travel only a stargate away, the conflict takes on a sinister reality in the seventh dimension against the backdrop of 33 A.D.

Shale and Daniel, young adults in search of Daniel’s father, discover the apocalypse has begun. As the battle rages from Jerusalem to Shambhala, glimpses of the netherworld take center stage. Powerful people want Shale’s ancient scrolls and will stop at nothing to find them. Shale and Daniel will do everything to protect them, but at what cost to themselves and their families?


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