Serial Killers: True Crime Tales of Cannibal Killers

Written by Stephanie Brannon

Reader Beware: This book contains disturbing stories of true-life murder. Viewer discretion is advised.

Serial killers are known for their brutal disregard of human life. Their methods of murder often involve torture, sexual abuse, and cannibalism. Crime scene images reveal the horrific nature of their actions: stomachs disemboweled, limbs severed, and internal organs removed for later consumption.

Some killers hunger for the taste of human flesh. Once they capture their victims, they subject them to horrific torture, before butchering them to death and eating their remains. The acts of violence extend further, to drilling holes in the victims’ skull, keeping body parts in pickle jars, stewing the meat, and in some cases, serving it to unknowing guests.

This book reveals the life and crimes of these killers, while providing chilling accounts of their savage methods of murder. It describes, in unadulterated form, stories of deranged criminals who targeted men, women, and children alike. Though shocking and difficult to stomach, the crimes described within are all true, and offer a window into the mind of a cannibal killer.

Here is a preview of what’s inside:

  • Inside The Mind of A Killer
  • Tales of The Milwaukee Cannibal
  • Nikolai Dzhumagaliev: The Real Life Hannibal Lecter
  • Albert Fish: The Predator of Little Boys
  • Karl Denke’s Pickle Jars
  • Alexander Spesivtsev: The Siberian Ripper

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