Serial Killers: Most Horrific Serial Killers Biographies, True Crime Cases, Murderers, 2nd Book! (True Crime, Serial Killers Uncut, Crime, Horror Stories, Horrible Crimes, Homicides)

Written by Jeff Kramer

Serial Killer Book That You Have Never Seen Before! Analysis Of Criminal Minds, Patterns, Thinking, Reasons Why They Did What They Did!

It is not in the natural wiring of a man (or woman) to take another man’s life. It is even more unnatural when the person has a compulsion to keep taking lives, so that he satisfies some twisted craving. The psychology of serial killers is a bit difficult to explore. The reason is that it is not something that is set in rigid boundaries. It appears that after every murder, an extra layer is added to it. It also appears that the humane side of a serial killer dies a little more with every killing.

Do you want to learn more about serial killers? Are you interested in knowing what led them down that path? If you do, this book does a great job of looking at what drove the different people to serial killers. It is important to note that nothing justifies taking life but rather we try to look at what made sense in the eyes of the serial killer to do what they did and with no remorse for their actions.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What You Will Learn

  • Wayne Gacy, The Molester And Killer Of Boys
  • Edward Theodore Gein
  • Dr. Harold Shipman, The Killer Doctor
  • Compilation And Linking Of The Mental States And Tics Of These Serial Killers
  • And Much Much More Interesting Facts…

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