Serial Killers: Exploring the Horrific Crimes of Jack The Ripper & Ted Bundy

Written by Tom King

2 Manuscripts

Jack The Ripper

The mystery of Jack the Ripper and the murders he committed in London’s East End in the late nineteenth century has horrified and fascinated spectators and readers for over a century. In one of the first recognized mass murderers, he terrorized some of London’s poorest and most vulnerable residents and brutally killed a series of women before seeming to disappear. Police investigative practices were in their infancy at the time, and without sophisticated tools, London’s forces of order were unable to catch the criminal. More than 100 years later, his true identity is still unknown, and the hunt for Jack the Ripper has consumed many an armchair sleuth.

By reading this book, you, too, will be able to take part in a now-historic search for a murderer who has never been brought to justice. Step back in time to 1888 and try to discover, if you can, the man who was Jack the Ripper.

Ted Bundy

If you want a view into the mind of a serial killer and America’s most notorious at that, then Ted Bundy: The Crimes Of America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer is for you. As you look back at Bundy’s childhood after digesting what he did to his unknown number of female victims, then behaviors such as playing with knives and placing them around his sleeping aunt take on a new meaning. Which was more influential in contributing to his killing behavior between the deception about his parentage and his letdown when Stephanie Brooks dumped him when the two were dating in college? Can we know anything meaningful or significant from a man whose testimony to various people through the years consists as much of contradiction as it does statements of fact?

By all accounts, it is hard to point to or single out any one specific episode in his life that would have sent him out on a murderous course at the beginning of his adult life. Bundy’s story is full of disguise, deception, evasion and a bizarre quest for control on all levels where others were concerned. This compelling account sheds light on the details of the life of the man whose sequence of killings provided the blueprint for investigating mass murderers.

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