Serial Killer

Written by Stephen Kingston
Category: · Mystery & Suspense


George was angry. Retired, disabled from his job as a traffic warden, he had nothing but contempt for the world at large and the evil people that existed in it.

Apart from his solitary trip once a week to an American diner, his only love was to watch the news on TV, and scowl at it. But his new TV had more to offer than simply the news.

Legion offers him a chance to put right the many wrongs in his neighborhood. To remove some of the trash that tarnishes his beautiful city. To regain some of the pride he lost after being beaten just for doing his job.

Legion will guide him to the people that need to be removed and give him all the information he needs to do the job. All George has to do is follow instructions.
A variety of undesirables have been selected for the justice that is George.
George has a hammer and a long overcoat. He will become a serial killer.

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