Self-Discipline For Success: The Hidden Keys to Achieve Success, Boost Productivity and Live in Balance

Written by Steve Van Gard
Category: · Business & Money

Do you have goals, yet never manage to materialize them?

Do you get disillusioned when you see your plans tumble like a pack of cards?
Some people seem to have it all –wealth, health, success, happiness, relationships – just everything, while you barely able to scrape through life. Life isn’t fair, isn’t it?
Well, success is a decision!

Success isn’t as much about luck and fortune as it is about a decision you make. Yes, you can decide to be successful today.

Self-discipline is your highway to success. It is the difference between “I could have accomplished this” and “yes, I have accomplished this.” Successful people are capable of leveraging the power of self-discipline to maximize their productivity, make optimum use of their time, exercise self-control and be in the driver’s seat of their actions. They are not led by events, circumstances or other people. They hold the steering wheel and map of their own life and determine the course of their life in the direction they want.

The good news is self-discipline is not a magic potion available only to a selected few. Anyone can be more disciplined with practice, perseverance and effort. If you have a bad habit that is stopping you from achieving, you can stop it, starting today. If you have self-limiting thoughts that are restricting you from the glory you are capable of accomplishing, you can discard those thoughts today. The key to your success lies only in your hands. You alone can unlock the limitless potential held within you. You alone are in control of your destiny. Your words, thoughts, actions and habits are defining your destiny!

Yes, you want to accomplish your goals and achieve success. You know you want to reach a destination. But do you have a route map for that destination to success? Well, this book is the road map for your success.
The book you shake you out of your excuse mindset and gives you actionable tips to start achieving desired results right away.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the book:

-Why you are your number one enemy
-The ultimate time management and productivity hacks
– How to overcome procrastination like a pro
– Solid tips for resisting temptation and building more positive habits
– Developing self-discipline patterns that take you closer to success
– Everyday habits that can transform your life
– Actionable strategies for building a growth mindset rather than operating with a self-limiting mindset
– Proven tips for building perseverance and resilience
– Maintaining success once you accomplish it
And much more

All of us were born to be successful yet only a few of us will become successful because the ones who will become successful are the ones who will take action. Be the one who decides to be successful rather than the one who becomes the audience for witnessing other people’s success stories.

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