Secrets behind Things that Look good: How small changes in design lead to a big jump in sales

Written by Claire Langju Lee
Category: · Business & Money

Green only makes up 5% of Starbucks’ colors?
If you want to know how to achieve a tenfold sales increase with small changes, read this book! 
Why do the same products look better in certain displays than others? Why are some stores so forgettable no matter how many times you see them, while some seize your attention immediately?  If something looks good, there’s a good reason whyDeciding what looks “good” is an instinctive, sensory process. Yet behind it lies an intricate science. What are the nine secrets of color, light, and space that make something look good?
Secrets behind Things that Look Good shares in detail nine sales-boosting techniques that Lee discovered and experienced firsthand while providing visual merchandising consulting to 2,000 businesses including LG Electronics, New Balance, and major department stores over 23 years. The book shows how small changes in color, light, angle, pattern, and arrangement can lead to a big jump in sales.
Successful companies know that marketing begins with perception. This book reveals secrets any retail marketer or new entrepreneur should know, like creating an image consumers will remember, controlling color to boost sales, spacing products fora comfortable shopping environment, and much more. Compiling best practices from various industries from food service to fashion to book retailing, along with photographs of stellar displays, Secrets Behind Things That Look Good is an easy, fun read.
Secrets behind Things that Look Good presents nine secrets for creating a big difference in sales. Discover the secrets to product displays and store designs that instantly captivate consumers.


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