Secrets: A Tisha Ariel Nikkole Novel #4

Written by Yasmin Shiraz

The love she never thought would end…
Was over.

Investigative journalist, Tisha Ariel Nikkole, is heartbroken and picking up the pieces of her life. Alone.

But when she is asked to investigate club overdoses in Los Angeles, she is paired with a hot, young field agent who makes her focus on something other than Shout.

Their instant connection gives her hope until she realizes she has a secret.

Meanwhile, Shout has relocated to Los Angeles to become a television star. Unaware of the pitfalls of life in Hollywood, Shout finds himself in a life or death situation with no one looking out for his own best interest.

With the mounting death count in LA, Tisha’s job depends on her ability to solve the case despite her personal issues.

Will Tisha’s secret ruin her new friendship? Will Shout’s recklessness cost him his life? How many people will have to die before they find the Club Drug Killer?


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