Seasoning Secrets: Flavor Booster Marinades, Rubs, Glazes & Sauces for Meat and Fish

Written by Jason Ortega

Creating your own collection of delicious meals with savory blends is not as challenging as you think; what you need is the right combination of flavorful mixtures created with the right form of seasoning style.

Rubs, marinades, glaze, and sauces are easy to prepare and are an effective way to season your meats and fish just right. This book unveils the secrets of preparing perfectly balanced and flavorful meats and fish recipes at home.

Do you know about the ideal time to marinate your meats and fish? Or how much rub is adequate for the given quantity of meat to flavor it just right? Every page of the book will surprise you with a creatively formed recipe to flavor up your meat and fish fantasies.

A versatile collection of 50 recipes includes your favorite ingredients to spice up your meals including honey, soy sauce, mint, fresh herbs, fruits, black beans, peanut butter, jalapeno, maples syrup, and so on. They are quite handy to zest up your weekend get-together parties, festive parties as well as holiday parties.

Start exploring this wonderful collection of marinades, rubs, glazes, and sauces to master the art of creating flavorful infusions. Let’s celebrate the job of food seasoning in style. Happy cooking!


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