SBS In World War Two: The Dramatic Story of the Original Special Boat Squadron

Written by G B Courtney
Category: · History

The dramatic story of the original special boat section of the army commandos


During the Falklands War, a small, secret band of Royal Marine Commandos of the Special Boat Squadron carried out vital reconnaissance missions for the Task Force.

The original Special Boat Section played an equally crucial role during the Second World War-specializing in beach reconnaissance, railway and ship sabotage, enemy deception, the ferrying of secret agents and stores, and close support of ground forces.

SBS In World War Two is the remarkable and dramatic story of the brave men who manned the frail canoes of the SBS on raids from France to Borneo.

Written by the young brother of Roger Courtney, who founded the Special Boat Squadron in July 1940, this account provides an in depth history of the special forces unit of the Naval Service during the 20th century.

Praise for G B Courtney

‘A very moving record of courage and endurance’ – Contemporary Review

Born and educated in England, Lieutenant-Colonel G.B. Courtney was commissioned in the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment in October 1935. From 1946 to 1955 he was attached to the Foreign Service, during which time he travelled throughout the Middle East and East Africa. He now lives in Victoria, Australia.


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