Sands of Time: Special Edition (Fate of the True Vampires Book 1)

Written by Christine Church
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

2016 Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards
“We are eternal. Time does not exist, but pain and suffering are forever.” -Kesi’s Father, Sands of Time 

This Special Expanded Edition of Book One in the Fate of the True Vampires includes all new chapters and scrolls found within Alexandria in Egypt and Ephesus in Turkey, and sheds light on the life – and death – of the famous Cleopatra, “Queen of Egypt.” For the first time ever, read how Kesi played a part in this tragic tale.
In this compelling and unique adventure written as translated scripts and discovered by archaeologists, Sands of Time sweeps the reader back to ancient Egypt and the life of Kesi, “Queen of the Nile,” a hybrid blood drinker with an exceptional past. 
From ancient Egypt to Rome and China, from post-Jacobian Scotland to Revolutionary France, this exciting novella is packed full of adventure, betrayal, mayhem and mystery as Kesi’s epic search for a way to share her bloodline begins. 
This is a series that will delight vampire fans seeking a fresh take on an old genre. 


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