Runaways: The Beginning

Written by Ta'Karrah Stephen

Based in today’s world of drugs, twin teens Jason and Jalisha Matthews are put to the test to see if they can make it in the world without their mother.

After losing their father at a young age and in a fatal accident their mother Jessie turned to drugs to cope with losing him. The teens were left on their own with little help from her. Jason stepped up to take care of the house while still making sure his mother was alright. From the age of 9 until they were 16, their mother Jessie was dating the local drug dealer by the name of Clo Johnson. He thought he ran everything including Jessie.

Clo was tired of Jessie and wanted his hand at Jalisha. Her own mother sold her to Clo just for a hit. Taking force of her and dragging her upstairs to have his way with her. But lucky Jason makes it home to save her but she was badly beaten.

During this time the twins were able to find love and peace of mind as soon as they ran away from home to start a new life. Time passed and the twins were better than ever, as for their mother Jessie she hit rock bottom and was ready to give up on life until Darren popped up and saved her from Clo.

Little did Darren know, his own skeleton was coming out the closet and her name was Kiki Washington. She was a detective looking for him but they had history together. Playing both sides Kiki was in the wrong but she didn’t care. Her long lost love was back but not for long.

Will the twins ever forgive their mother for what she did to them? Will Jessie ever get them back in her life?


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