Rose and her Little Lost Kitten (The Wurtherington Diary Book 11)

Written by Reynold Jay

Follow along with Rose Landsbury the freckled-face eight-year-old who lives in Tammy Wurtherington’s house in the present day. When she discovers that Tabby, the kitten has run off, she invites the reader to help find her. You will meet all her friends and make some new ones too.
On her journey around River Falls we learn that friendship is so very important. Friends help one another, share ice cream, and even help build a pirate fort. Letting mom know that she is off to find Tabby is not to be forgotten either. Several important lessons are wound through the tale and in the end we discover that Tabby may not be such a “bad kitten” after all.
This is a magical journey with remarkable “all ages” water colors by Hanne Lore Koehler. Plan to treasure this beautiful book for many years to come.


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