Rome for (practically) Free: 10 Hidden Gems Off the Tourist Track: The Art of the Great Masters

Written by Susan Natali
Category: · Arts & Photography

The first in a series of guides leading the visitor to the hidden treasures of Rome. In these pages you will be led to the art of the great masters in churches and palaces that you are not likely to discover on your first, second, even third visit to the Eternal City.

Sculptures, frescoes, and paintings by Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Bernini, (to name a few) located in smaller or less touristy venues are detailed herein. Crowded museums with entrance fees and cathedrals have been purposely left out; most of the works are found in small, magnificent churches with free entry and there is only one palazzo that has a small entrance fee.

To those of you who are embarking for the first time to Rome, let the contents of this guide provoke you to go off the beaten path during those few hours, or on the day or two when your entire schedule isn’t filled with the must-sees. You will have witnessed what most people don’t even know about, and you will enjoy being away from the usual tourist chaos.


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