Revolutions: A Dystopian Science Fiction/Fantasy Action & Adventure Series Book 3 (The Pendomus Chronicles)

Written by Carissa Andrews

One girl, chosen by blood. A prophecy only partially fulfilled. And a madman desperate enough to destroy everything.

There’s more than meets the eye to Videus’ obsession with Runa and her bloodlines. The only problem is, unraveling the mystery could unleash catastrophe on everything she holds dear.

As the prophecy starts to unfold, Runa’s left with a severe handicap. Not only has she not completed the trials like she was meant to-she’s rocked by a betrayal she didn’t see coming.

Can Runa stop Videus once and for all-or will the fate of Pendomus be locked forever by one man’s madness?

You’re one click away from having all the answers to the Pendomus Chronicles secrets.

An unforgettable, action-packed ending brimming with mystery, magic, and suspense – The Pendomus Chronicles is sure to captivate fans of The Maze Runner, The Gender Game, Divergent, and The Hunger Games…

Buy Revolutions now to read the final book in this fast-paced dystopian series and find out why readers are calling it “nothing short of genius!”


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