Revolution! The ‘Liberty’ War 1775-1784: A narrative history of the American Rebellion

Written by Richard Woodman
Category: · History

Nowhere were the philosophical, political and military forces of the eighteenth century more tangibly concentrated than in the fight for true self-government in what is now the United States. For not only did the American Rebellion change the course of world history in that it ultimately created a superpower, it also served to rationalise and catalyse change throughout the world, including the French Revolution that followed so closely behind it.

That wide-ranging importance, which has echoes in our own time, is wonderfully captured and analysed in Richard Woodman’s remarkable narrative. In Revolution! The ‘Liberty’ War, the American Revolution is placed in its proper context with lively, detailed description and explanation of the philosophies, characters, attitudes and events leading up to, during and following this crucial conflict.

Revolution! The ‘Liberty’ War is a striking book, even-handed in its treatment of history and fascinating in its detail and accuracy, it will appeal not only to lovers of political and military history, but to anybody who would like to trace the development of many of our modern political ideals and situations.


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