Written by Jens Bühler

A pandemic is turning people into killing machines. When the origins of the virus are exposed, it turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. The true problems are just beginning.

“The screeches of the crowd tore at the air. What were they running from? Demir’s brain couldn’t process the scene, and shut itself off. While the images that were coming in through his eyes were funneled into a void, an ancient instinct kicked in. Those people weren’t fleeing. They were hunting.”

While Chief Detective Markus Steller is busy leading a Special Forces operation in downtown Frankfurt, only a few hundred yards off, Demir Kara and his accomplice are robbing a diamond courier. Both get caught up in a jumble of events as the city is suddenly transformed into a madhouse. Spurred on by blind aggression, people start attacking each other mercilessly, tearing to pieces anyone unable to hide. Together with a group of fellow survivors, Steller and Demir try to escape the hellish events.
As the world threatens to descend into chaos, Major General Aila Torbeck, head of the Fenrir research facility, realizes that the wave of brutality sweeping the globe is only the beginning. She and her staff are the only ones who might be able to prevent the impending apocalypse. But Torbeck is also plagued by a very different worry. How is she supposed to save her daughter, Katta, who is on her own in Frankfurt, fighting to survive?

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