Relocation Without Dislocation: Make New Friends And keep the Old (Travels and Adventures of Ndeye Labadens Book 2)

Written by Ndeye Labadens
Category: · Business & Money

Moving? Noooo!

Pain — Worry—- Stress —- Expenses

Relocation can be hard.

Don’t let moving defeat you!

You are leaving your friends and perhaps your family behind. Even if you are looking forward to moving, the logistics and the loneliness can be overwhelming. Especially, if the culture you are moving to is different from that to which you are used to.

This handy guide shows you how to move without hustle, pain, worries and uncontrolled expenses. Being prepared and aware of potential problems will help your move go much more smoothly.
Ndeye has moved several times in five different continents, this book provides many tips and resources for students, entrepreneurs, employees, and volunteers considering moving, but are overwhelmed at the prospect.
It is a great idea to network before you move.
Today’s technology makes this possible.
Take the fear and anxiety of relocating by following this excellent advice.
With Ndeye’s help, you will move like a pro!
Ndeye’s from her experience shows how to enjoy the move, settle in quicker make new friends, richness your adventure while keeping the old ones. Through networking and other options detailed in this book.


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