Red Dirt Girl: An Oklahoma Memoir

Written by Mona Phipps
Category: · History

Rave Reviews for Red Dirt Girl!

“This is a great book and very well written…down to earth stories of how it use to be not that long ago.” –I. Lou

“Loved this book. I was reared in Okmulgee OK during this time frame. Brought back memories I had completely forgotten. Thank you Mona for this lovely story of the 30s and 40s.” –Odell

“This is some of the most pleasant reading I’ve ever done. Not only are the stories interesting but they’re well written.” –GypsySue

“Well written and edited and a great story besides. Bravo.” –D.P. Williams

“I agree with the previous reviewers: this is a delight”. –Bob D. Lambert

Mona Phipps describes growing up in the state of Oklahoma in the 1930’s and 40’s, and the rich family tapestry of being a 12th generation American. From visits to her ancestral home in Kentucky, to working in her father’s “great depression” era bakery, from the bloody post civil-war stories told by her grandfather, to the great dust bowl of 1930, the author takes the reader on a touching and heartfelt journey into the experience of growing up amidst the red dirt fields of early 20th century Oklahoma.

Also available on Amazon: Red Dirt Lady, Mona’s followup to Red Dirt Girl.


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