Raw Snacks To-Go: Kick the Junk Food Cravings with Delicious Raw Vegan and Gluten-Free Superfood Snacks

Written by Zoey Jevaughn

Raw Snacks To-Go is a must-have book for mothers on the go who are ready to cut out the junk foods and get serious about the nutrition of their family.

Gone are the days when the only chips around are deep fried and all the candy is stuffed full of artificial ingredients. Zoey believes mothers have the power to make the most significant impact on the future health of our children and the people. She knows that change is not going to happen through governments or laws, but through the hearts of each individual, one child at a time.

With optimal nutrition and superb flavor in mind, Zoey teaches you how to create your own supply of raw chips, dips, candies, and raw sprouted granola made in the dehydrator from whole raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. She shows you how to use seasonal produce and local harvests stock up with superfood snacks on a budget! All the recipes are kid approved, raw vegan, and gluten-free, each including a low-fat option! Inside Raw Snacks To-Go, you will find recipes the whole family will enjoy , such as:

*Jalapeño Cheez Kale Chips
*Taco Fiesta Dip
*Watermelon Candy
*Cacao Banana Raw Granola
*Cheezy Broccoli Bites
*Tomato Basil Chips
*Asian Pear Rings
*Dilly Zucchini Chips

Full of personal stories and beautiful photos, Raw Snacks To-Go is an invitation to join the EpicRaw Freedom revolution.

“I got so much more from this book than I expected. It’s not just good snacks recipes that your kids will love, it’s Zoey’s personal story and lots of useful information like tips on raw eating on a tight budget for instance which is a great help to me personally, and many other tips. The recipes are great, and they give you more ideas. I got inspired right away and my dehydrator has been on non-stop since the moment I got to the recipe part. I mean beet chips – genius! Or sweet potato chips! I love me some sweet potato but I never had it raw, now I can and will, often, and guilt free. And, most importantly, so will my little ones. Forget the days when you didn’t know what to feed them to keep them raw and healthy. I like it how the author keeps it simple, I never even look at fancy complicated recipes (what normal mommy has the time for those anyways?). This book is a simple yet informative read. I got a lot of wisdom from it.” -Natalia Danilova

“This book has been very helpful as I learn to make more meals raw! The snacks and ideas are very kid-friendly and the pictures are bright and colorful! I love that she not only shares so many yummy recipes, but also adds low-fat options and tips to enhance the reader’s experience! The layout is simple and easy to read, and the personal stories included also make it more fun and personable.” -Cherish Saurey

“This book is perfect for everybody interesting in a raw vegan diet. Even if you are new to the topic this is a good start. The recipes are very well described, easy to follow and especially super delicious. I like that Zoey also points out low-fat-options for every recipe and even says how long the snacks are good and how to store them best as these information are often missing in other books. What I love most about the book is that Zoey shares her personal story and that she gives tons of tips regarding kitchen tools you need as well as how and where to shop. In short: I love the book and my kids love the snacks!” -Michèle Richlick

Zoey Jevaughn is a raw food chef and the visionary behind the EpicRaw Freedom. She has dedicated her life to discovering truth while personally mentoring and empowering mothers to chose life, love and liberation! Prior to becoming a freedom mentor, Zoey founded a raw vegan snack company called NewLeaf where most of her snack recipes where created.


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