Radical Brilliance: The Anatomy of How and Why People Have Original Life-changing ideas

Written by Arjuna Ardagh
Category: · Business & Money

Why did Albert Einstein discover the general theory of relativity, Jane Goodall advance our understanding of primatology, and Steve Jobs change the way we think of computers and phones, while many other people live lives of quiet imitation? What are the components that contribute to an original and brilliant life?
In this highly innovative new book, Arjuna Ardagh shows us how brilliance can become more of a predictable outcome and less of an accident: when four very different kinds of focus, brain functioning, and activity co-exist together. When we can move freely through these four phases of the “Brilliance Cycle” each day, each week, each year and during the life of a project, Ardagh suggests that every human being has the chance to make a unique contribution to the evolution of human life. As well as this map of the brilliance cycle, Radical Brilliance also covers many very practical factors that affect peak brain performance: including diet, sleep, supplements, sexuality, friendship and vacations.


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