Quest for the Conestoga (Colony Ship Conestoga Book 1)

Written by John Thornton

Expanded and enhanced as of July 27, 2017
Dome 17 is the only safe place left on a dead Earth. Life in Dome 17 takes a dramatic turn after some adventurers return from evaluating other domes. The struggling remnant of humanity cannot remain safe in the dome much longer. The question is where to go and how to get there? Can the lost colony ship program provide a possible refuge? Seven vast colony ships were launched a hundred years ago, but can one of them be located? Will it offer a chance to survive?

Cammarry and Jerome are faced with going on a mission using unproven technology. Will the faster-than-light ship work? It can only carry two people, so how will the other 1500 survivors find safety? Will they reach one of those enigmatic, old, and mysterious colony ships? Will they be able to set up the new teleportation system to bring everyone from Dome 17 to that ship? Will technology work, or fail?

What will these brave adventurers, and Sandie, their new artificial intelligence system find on their quest for the Conestoga?

Book 1 of the Colony Ship Conestoga series.


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