Proposing to Giants: Secrets to writing offers large customers can’t resist (Selling to Giants Book 1)

Written by David Gibor
Category: · Business & Money

Did you ever lose a large contract to a competitor?  Not anymore!

We all know that winning a massive contract with a large customer can mean a lot to your company, and generate personal rewards to the person who brought the deal.  Working on large agreements takes time, and in most cases, the process can take months and even years.  

How frustrating is it if at the end of this long journey you lose an opportunity to someone else?
“Proposing to Giants” gives you the tools and understanding of how large organizations evaluate business proposals, and teaches proven methods that will improve your proposals and significantly improve your chances to WIN over your competition.

This book is a playbook for anyone who would like to take his business to a new level by working with very large customers.  It is intended for Business to Business (B2B) sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives.  It is relevant to people who are selling products or services to customers who are huge organizations, such as large companies, financial institutes or governments.

You will learn in this book how to:
•    Map and understand your competitive landscape
•    Write an irresistible proposal which addresses the concerns of key stakeholders 
•    How to run an internal campaign which is tailors for each person in the approval process
•    Tricks and methods that will help you cope with competing proposals

…and much more.

David Gibor has been selling to giants for over three decades.  He has worked in startups selling to large telecom operators, in giant defense companies selling to countries, and advised to companies in multiple industries.  The author has repeatedly closed 8 & 9 digit deals (>$100M)  In recent years the author has also been responsible for large projects in a giant organization and has been a buyer from smaller suppliers.  His share of successes and failures as a seller and his intimate view of the buyer perspective have helped him fine-tune and clearly define a playbook for business success with giant organizations.


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