Project Management: How to be a Successful Project Manager

Written by D Williams
Category: · Business & Money

There are many books that offer in-depth theories and information on Project Management. Project Managers will need to work in the confines of scope, time, and cost in order to be successful. What are the key characteristics of a good Project Manager and how do you use these characteristics to succeed? This is what we will be looking at in this short, sweet, and to the point version of, “How to be a Successful Project Manager”.
Project Management is not rocket science nor do you require a degree to succeed. What you need is an easy to follow guide that can give you insight into the tools for success. This book gives you the tools along with real world examples that are easy to understand.
This book has something for everyone from beginners to veterans. We hope that you enjoy this book and walk away with valuable information that leads to success in your future projects.


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