Polish Recipes: 50 of The Best Polish Recipes from a Real Polish Grandma: Authentic Polish Food All In a Comprehensive Polish Cookbook (Polish Cookbook, Polish Recipes, Pierogi Recipes)

Written by Lena Nowicki

Are You Fascinated By Poland? Have Polish Heritage?

Want To Eat REAL Polish Food That Is Delicious And Traditional?

With the help of my Polish Babcia (grandma) who at 81 has been cooking since the early days of the Soviet Union we formulated a real Polish Recipe book just for YOU! This book is unique in that it has REAL traditional Polish Recipes that have been in my family for generations! I also made sure to include popular regional dishes that are unique to certain areas of Poland. There’s a little bit of everything here from Polish Pierogis to the infamous Borscht. Pick your own delicious Polish adventure with 50 of the best Polish recipes! ↓↓↓↓

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