Playing With You (Riding Tall Book 5)

Written by Cheyenne McCray
Category: · Romance

Ricki Sparks knows she can make a mean red velvet cake but can’t believe she’s let herself be talked into a blind date. When she opens the door to see the man she’s been secretly sweet on since the first day he walked into her bakery, she fears her heart will be demolished. At least she knows she’s in for a wild ride.

With a past like his, private investigator Garrett McBride doesn’t feel he’s worthy of a good woman’s love. Especially not Ricki, the sweet, beautiful baker. But it’s not just her delectable baked goods that keep him coming back and it isn’t long before he admits to himself that he wants her for his own. He never suspects that the greatest danger to her may come not from himself, but from the deceitful woman Ricki has befriended.

Love may not be the only thing Ricki falls into along the way as she finds herself in a world of deceit and betrayal that may cost her life. While Ricki is fighting for her life, Garrett must find her, before it’s too late.
Book 1: Branded for You
Book 2: Roping Your Heart
Book 3: Fencing You In
Book 4: Tying You Down
Book 5: Playing with You
Book 6: Crazy for You
Book 7: Hot for You
Book 8: Made for You
Book 9: Held by You
Book 10: Belong to You
Book 11: Amazed by You
Book 12: Loved by You
Book 13: Midnight with You
Book 14: Wild for You
Book 0.5 Read Creed McBride’s Story in Roses and Rodeo in the Rough and Ready series


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