Picnic Recipes and Picnic Food Collection

Written by Anne A.

This book is a collection of recipes and ideas to make your picnic a tasty and hassle free endeavour that you are likely to repeat when the weather is willing you to go outdoors. The recipes and ideas are simple enough for the beginner cook to tackle and offer an alternative to having a BBQ or buying takeout. Food for a picnic should be easy to prepare and pack into the picnic basket and most of all is easy to eat if you are sitting down or wandering around talking to friends or watching the children playing.

The day should be free from stresses and allow you to enjoy the outdoors and all that it offers. Some of the food is ideal for small children as they can help and feed themselves, leaving parents to enjoy the day.

The recipes are quick to make and won’t have you spending the day before getting ready. Some of the recipes can be frozen and then simply defrosted when you need them. Most of the ingredients will be in your pantry already, otherwise everything else is available from the supermarket and deli or green grocer.

There are ideas for salad dishes, vegetables, finger food, sandwiches and wraps, quiches and some simple cookies. So start getting for your next picnic and make sure that you have a relaxing and enjoyable day.


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