Photoshop: COLORIZING the Professional Way – Colorize or Color Restoration in Adobe Photoshop cc of your Old, Black and White photos (Family or Famous … cs6, photoshop cc, adobe photoshop cc 2015)

Written by Brian Ferrere
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2nd Edition of the Book [Updated on Sep 27, 2016]

( ie. A much IMPROVED, Revised and Refined NEW Edition of the Book, with many more ADDED Chapters & Screenshots)

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(Step-by-Step Instructions along with Live SCREEN-SHOTS)

Memories are Black’n White NO MORE…!!!

Welcome to ‘Colorizing – the Professional way in Photoshop’.

– In this course we will show you the exact Step-by-Step process followed by photoshop ‘professionals’ to convincingly colorize old black-and-white images or historical images.
(with LIVE Screenshots all along, so that you don’t miss out on any detail).

– You will be introduced here to a flexible, interactive and non-destructive workflow.

– This workflow gives you complete freedom to come back anytime and continue making color adjustments in real time non-destructively.

Colorizing the ‘right way’ can absolutely breathe life in to old images. Ever wondered why colorizing done by Professionals looks much more convincing to that done by amateurs or newbies (though both have been done in ‘Photoshop’.)

The answer is quite simple – Professionals editors follow a totally different ‘workflow’ in Photoshop compared to amateur or newbies, thus harnessing the best of world’s most advanced and powerful image editing software – Adobe Photoshop.

Advantages of the colorization workflow which we will follow in this course from the normal colorization workflow are :

  • Non-Destructive
  • Enhances Realism
  • Re-Adjustable/ Tweakable at any time
  • Real Time Color Adjustments
  • Allows Unlimited Tweaking of Colors.

Now let’s get started with colorizing old, black-and-white photos the professional way in Photoshop with the right Photoshop tools.

These are some of the topics we will go through here :

1) Choosing the Best Source available

2) Color Mode

3) Pumping Up the Dynamic Range

4) Cleaning the Scratches and Dust

5) Removing Distractions

6) Shadows/Highlights

7) Reference Color Images

8) Organizing Layers

9) Adjustment Layers and Combo Layers


(i) Solid Layer Technique
(ii) BRUSH Technique
(iii) PEN Tool Technique
(iv) Borrowing Color Technique

12) Hex Color Codes

13) Skin Tones

14) Blend Modes – Instant Preview

15) Colorizing: Crucial Tips

16) FACE Colorizing Tips

17) Texture, Depth and Focus

18) Useful Tips on the Way

19) Transparency Lock technique

20) TOTAL Adjustments
(i) TOTAL Tone Layer
(ii) TOTAL Color Correction Layer
(iii) TOTAL Dodge and Burn Layer
(iv) TOTAL Noise Layer
(v) Concluding TOTAL Adjustments

21) Resolution
(i) For Inkjet Output
(ii) For Web

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