Photoshop Book: Real life Project Examples of Creating World Class Photos Using Photoshop Manipulation Techniques (A Beginners Guide to Mastering Graphic … Photoshop and Digital Photography Book 1)

Written by John Slavio
Category: · Arts & Photography

Are you excited about Photoshop but not how to use the features?

Check out our high quality examples of advanced Photoshop features in this book.

A book dedicated to walking you through how to use Photoshop on a more advanced level. These examples represent nearly 90% of the work done in Photoshop on a daily basis. These examples range from changing the eye color of an individual, completely changing the background of a person, developing oval-type portraits and much more.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Book:

  • Basic Photoshop Tools
  • Example to use Gaussian Filters
  • Example to use Blurring in Photoshop
  • Color Grading Photoshop Example
  • Layers Photoshop Example
  • Attractive Text Effects Photoshop Example
  • Scaling and Resizing Photoshop Example
  • Color Manipulation Photoshop Example
  • Photoshop Keyborad Shortcuts

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