Peter Manuel: The Beast of Birkenshaw Serial Killer (Detectives True Crime Cases Book 3)

Written by C.L. Swinney

Peter Manuel killed repeatedly, both random and targeted victims, including men, women, and children, because he enjoyed the rush. As a life-long criminal, Manuel mainly committed property crime. That all changed when his heart was broken. The woman he’d been engaged to called off the wedding and left him, causing Peter to snap. His violence escalated then, and Peter terrorized various communities for almost two years. His cockiness had no end, and he went as far as giving a police inspector a ride while the inspector was searching for one of the teenage girls Peter had murdered. Peter toyed with the detective and advised him he thought the police were looking in the wrong spot for the girl. Ultimately, Peter’s arrogance and insatiable need for attention led to his demise…one that made him meet his own executioner as he hung from a noose on prison gallows.

This is a frightening story because no one was exempt from becoming his victim.

Chris Swinney is the bestselling true crime author of:
– Robert Pickton: The Pig Farmer Killer
– The Killer Handyman: The True Story of William Patrick Fyfe
– Deadly Voices: The True Story of Serial Killer Herbert Mullin
– Peter Manuel: The Beast of Birkenshaw Serial Killer
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– James Fairweather: The True Story of England’s Youngest Serial Killer
– Monster: True Story of Serial Killer Peter Kurten
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He is also the author of the action/thriller “Bill Dix Detective Series”
Book 1 – Gray Ghost
Book 2 – The Cartel Enforcers
Book 3 – Sin City Assassin
Book 4 – Full Circle


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