Peter & Emily, The Girl From New York

Written by Thomas Hayes
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

17-year-old Emily Beckett is exactly where she doesn’t want to be: stuck at home with brother while her friends are out celebrating the end of the summer.

But then, a boy appears on the balcony outside Emily’s room. He’s dressed in green, and says his name is Peter Pan. He’s there for one reason: he’s looking for someone to have an adventure with.

And with that, Emily is off, whisked to the world of Never Land, a place filled with sailing ships, tropical islands, pirates, mermaids, fairies, and flying machines.

However, Emily soon discovers Peter hasn’t brought her there only to experience Never Land’s wonders. His friends have been captured by a demented man named Captain Hook, and Peter believes–without a shadow of a doubt–that Emily is the only one who can help get them back.

In this reimagined fairy tale, join friends old and new on an adventure in a Never Land that’s been changed forever–for better or for worse.


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