Persia Pride & Power: Prelude to the First Ancient World War (The Great Persian Saga Book 1)

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Donner
Category: · History

At the time of this story, The Persian Empire was the largest (5.5 million square kilometers) in recorded history. It stretched from the Indus in the East to the Aegean in the west. It also included the ancient Egyptian Civilization. Its accomplishments were astounding, ranging from bureaucratic administration to roads, postal services, coinage, and metal work (to name only a few).

This ancient culture, born from the desert, grew into a template for many future systems.

This historical novel takes place as history is convulsing. The Persian King Xerxes, is contemplating beginning the first ancient world war, by bringing the largest army in recorded history to invade the Greek Peninsula. But history is not that simple, nor forgiving. Such a vast Empire is difficult to maintain. With the internal and external pressures pulling at his psyche, the young Monarch had to walk a challenging and dangerous path.

This is the first of the four novels that make up the Great Persian Saga. The second novel, Greece- takes place at the parallel historical time, as the young democracy is taking form. The third novel transfers to the Great Oracle at Delphi, as the two competing cultures prepare for their fates. The last novel in the series, “Pray to the Wind,” brings the reader face to face with the Ancient First World War.


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