Peril In Paradise: a cruise novel

Written by Deb Graham

“My necklace is gone! I left it right here, I know I did!”

Jerria’s heart pounded. Not another theft.

Depressed over her youngest son leaving two years early for college– across the country no less!– Jerria takes up her husband Will’s offer of a relaxing Hawaiian cruise. But, a series of ominous events onboard the Ocean Haven squashes any idea of a calm tropical vacation. Soon Jerria’s very life is in danger, and she can’t blame the mythical Pele for this one.

If you love cruising, you’re going to love this debut novel by The Cruise Addict’s Wife!
Warm characters and rich descriptions of beautiful Hawaii bring this cozy mystery to life. If you’ve ever dreamed of the enchantment of a cruise ship vacation, Peril In Paradise is for you!


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