Pearl: You are Cleared to Land

Written by Deanna Edens
Category: · History

Have you ever heard of The Pearl of Alaska? How about The Hillbilly Eskimo? Do you know the name of the woman who received the Wright Brothers’ Master Pilot Award at the age of ninety-seven? Well, her name is Pearl and this is a story about her and her family and friends. To be more precise many of these stories are hers—authentic memories written by an amazing woman.

Pearl Bragg Laska Chamberlain was the first woman to fly her own plane from the Lower 48 up the Alaska Highway to Alaska. She worked as a flight instructor, bush pilot, cryptographer for the Pentagon, flew in five Powder Puff Derbies, and was also a WASP trainee and famous “99er.” Pearl was a member of the UFO’s (United Flying Octogenarians), and the mayor of Fairbanks actually declared a “Pearl Laska Chamberlain Day.” Pretty impressive, eh?

I am very excited to bring you this fabulous collection of “Braggin’ Rights” stories that begin in the early 1900s on Chestnut Mountain in Summers County, West Virginia. Tales about bootleggin’ and learning to fly in the Appalachians are followed by adventures to exotic places. Narratives about living in the polar region and escapades of an aviatrix are accompanied by heartfelt memories of real-life victories and the sorrows of a lifetime. So settle down into the cockpit, buckle your seatbelt and get ready for an astonishing and amazing flight.


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