Peanut & Sparky: A Story About New Friendships (Peanut and Sparky Book 1)

Written by Arnie Lightning

Peanut and Sparky is gorgeous illustrated children’s book about a silly little baby squirrel named Peanut and a feisty Golden Lab named Sparky. Children books can be very amusing with such an unlikely duo!

The illustrations in the kid’s picture ebook are optimized to be superior quality, vivid, and bright for tablets and e-readers to improve the story and bring it to life for early and beginner readers!

You Are Best Friends with a Squirrel and a Dog!?

Yep. My best friends are a sassy little squirrel named Peanut and my Golden Labrador Retriever name Sparky. They are a silly duo that you’d never expect. My neighbors look at me awkward when I take Peanut and Sparky out for a walk on separate leashes. I just smile and wave.

How did you get a pet squirrel?

Now that’s a pretty funny story.. He’s not really a pet. He’s ACTUALLY family now. I’ve known Peanut since he was a baby. That’s what this book is about! It’s the story of how he joined our family. I do not want to give away the whole story!

How did you get a squirrel and dog to get along?

When I figure it out, I’ll let you know! Peanut tries to ride Sparky like a horse. Sparky does not always like this. They quarrel from time to time just like a brother and sister would, but they always make up and get along.

What did Mama say when Peanut and Sparky wrecked the house!?

Ummm… No comment. Actually I gotta go. Uhhh… Here comes Mama!

Check out the book for the rest of the story!

Peanut and Sparky is a gorgeous picture book for kids and children. It is excellent for beginner readers and also as a bedtime story. You and your child will fall in love with the creative artwork and the beautifully-crafted children’s story. It took over 100 days just to create these heartwarming illustrations! We firmly believe in only the highest quality for an optimal reading experience.

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