Past is Present (Jurassic Jim Fleetwood series Book 2)

Written by Thomas Davidson
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Winner of two 2016 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Awards.

“PURE JOY. The most compelling time-travel adventure we’ve read since Stephen King’s 11/22/63.” — Bella Wright,

PAST IS PRESENT, a standalone thriller, is a heady mix of mystery, music, mirth, the missing—and melancholy. Not to mention time-travel with a twist, and how a single event can echo down the decades. Ready?

One quarter of the adult Western population believe they have had an out-of-body experience. Linda Mitchell, a young, Vietnam War widow living with her 3-year-old daughter in 1968, has an OBE while meditating. She “wakes” on a couch, wearing a T-shirt with an odd word (Reebok), and sees a local newspaper with today’s date, October 8. The year? 1993. She repeats the meditative steps and “returns” home. Anxiety begets curiosity. Can consciousness travel through time, and briefly inhabit another body? The next night…

October 1993. Lately, Sally Mitchell, age 28, wakes each morning exhausted. Her clothes closet seems, well, whatever. Even her cat avoids her. Perhaps she’s a sleepwalker. Must be stress: job, grad school, persistent ex-boyfriend, etc.

October 1993. Vintage rock deejay, “Jurassic Jim” Fleetwood, is heading in the wrong direction. As the world rolls forward to the 21st century, Jim is stuck in reverse, a connoisseur of the dusty past. One night he hears his friend, Sally, talk in her sleep—and the past darkens his life in an unforeseen way. He soon learns that her mother disappeared when Sally was three.

What began a quarter century ago is coming full circle.

Timeless advice for temporal travelers: discard your clocks and calendars. When the past is present…the present is past.


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